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The new 20mph limit for South Central Edinburgh

Campaign launch for the new scheme


Pupils from Sciennes and Gillespie's primary schools tested out a new 20mph Limit Pilot in South Central Edinburgh on Friday 23 March 2012 with a route walk between their two schools.

The 20mph Limit Pilot is one of a series of Council-led road safety initiatives being delivered by Streets Ahead working to make the City's neighbourhoods safer and more pleasant places to live.  

The start of the new pilot follows extensive local public consultation, which found that more than 75% of respondents supported the measure.

Five schools in the area, including Gillespie's and Sciennes primaries, are currently taking part in a campaign called 'Just give me a minute', aimed at urging family and friends who drive to make a pledge to slow down to 20mph in the new zone. 

Pupils from participating schools will campaign to collect the highest number of signed pledge cards in support of this pilot over the next few months.

Where 20mph zones with traffic calming have been introduced in other areas of the city, road casualties have reduced by between 30% and 50%. 

Superintendent David Carradice said: "Lothian and Borders Police is committed to reducing casualty numbers on the roads, and we are happy to support the City of Edinburgh Council in this initiative.

"Any road safety measure which has the potential to reduce casualties is to be welcomed, and we expect people to reduce their speed accordingly in the new zones."

Pupils have also been involved in production of a radio advert for the campaign and feature in the campaign's publicity including bus and bus shelter advertising.

If the 20mph pilot in South Edinburgh is a success, similar zones could be introduced citywide

From the 23rd of March the majority of the roads in south central Edinburgh will become a 20mph zone.  This will be advertised on the buses and through a Radio Forth campaign. 

The advertising material can also be downloaded here.

Bus advertising

20mph leaflet

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