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Objectives were developed by the Council and its partners to assess the Plans road safety interventions against. This was undertaken to ensure only those interventions that actively contribute to Edinburgh's road safety vision were included in the Plan.  The following provides a brief summary of the nine objectives used to assess interventions for inclusion in the Plan.  The objectives represent the key factors that will help to work towards a safe and successful transport system for Edinburgh.

  • Data management/analysis - Data to be managed, analysed and based on auditable information.
  • Healthy/active travel - The development of active travel and healthier living will be encouraged and promoted6, especially in areas of social deprivation.
  • Network management and development - Develop7 and maintain a modern and safe road network for the 21st century.
  • Partnership working - New partnerships will be formed and existing partnerships developed, to ensure efficient delivery.
  • Publicity/promotion - New and existing publicity campaigns will be used to encourage the safe and efficient use of the road network.
  • Speed management - Vehicle speeds will be managed to reduce the potential for collisions as well as their severity.
  • Technology - The use of new and improved technology will contribute towards road safety improvements.
  • Tram - Contribute to the safe and efficient running of, and interaction with, the Tram.
  • User behaviour - Road safety on the road network will be improved through sensible behaviours of road users

6 The Council is also currently developing an Active Travel Plan which will act as the delivery mechanism to further encourage and promote levels of walking and cycling. The Road Safety Plan will be aligned to this.

7 Edinburgh roads are an integral part of the wider historic context and subject to a variety of protective designations: the World Heritage Site, Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings . Changes to streetscape need to be aligned with the Edinburgh Standards for Streets (2006) and the Scottish Government's Designing Streets (2010) planning policy guidance.

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