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With cycling in Edinburgh on the increase, the Drive Safe Cycle Safe campaigns have been designed to raise awareness of the issues experienced by drivers and cyclists using Edinburgh's road network.  The City of Edinburgh Council has signed up to the Charter of Brussels to promote cycling as an easy healthy and cheap way to travel around the city.

The first of this year's safety campaigns will run during March and April, to encourage motorists to check carefully before turning left, as 13% of cyclist casualties were as a result of other vehicles turning left across the path of the cyclist.  

The campaign also creates awareness to cyclists of blind spots associated with vehicles, notably large vehicles.  

This campaign will also be complemented by road show events where you can experience the blind spots for yourself by coming aboard a Lothian bus or one of the Council's modern waste vehicles.  Be assured this will change your viewpoint!

A further campaign will run during October and November, when 'the nights are once again drawing in' by encouraging cyclists to wear brightly coloured clothes so they can be easily seen.  This campaign will also urge drivers to check for cyclists before turning right.  Our statistics show that the majority of cyclist casualties are as a result of motorists crossing the path of oncoming cyclists.

Click on the link below to download the campaign material and learn where and when the road shows are happening.  

You are very welcome to come along to any of our events to find out more about 'Drive Safe, Cycle Safe'. 

bikes being mended by Dr Bike

Information on Drive Safe Cycle Safe

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