Drive Safe, Cycle Safe campaign

Blind spots and cyclists

  • Most cyclist casualties occur between 8am and 10am and 4pm and 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • 75% of cyclist casualties occur at, or within 20m of, a junction.
  • 13% of cyclist casualties were a result of other vehicles turning left across the path of the cyclist
  • 60% of incidents occur due to driver error and 23% to cyclist’s error.
  • Cars manoeuvres are responsible for 73% of cyclist injuries, and goods vehicles for 10% of cyclist injuries.
  • The most common driver error is ‘failing to look properly’ and ‘failing to judge other person’s speed/movement’.

This campaign aims to specifically address the issue of drivers turning left across the path of cyclists coming up their inside, by encouraging drivers to check their mirrors carefully, and signal, before undertaking this manoeuvre. As goods vehicles are involved in 10% of cyclists injuries in Edinburgh, which is a high percentage relative to the number of goods vehicles moving around on the city's roads, this campaign also aims to create awareness amongst cyclists regarding the blind spots associated with large vehicles. It does so by encouraging cyclists to ‘stay back’ from the rear, and left hand side of large vehicles, to avoid being caught in their ‘blind spot’.

It is hoped that Drive Safe, Cycle Safe campaigns raise awareness of these issues, and strike a chord with both drivers and cyclists across the city.

Our campaign images will feature on bus rears across the city, and social media channels, during March and April.