Cycling for children

It is estimated that over 49% of children would like to cycle to school but the reality is that less than 2% actually do.

Why should we care if children cycle to school? Well, the UK has the highest level of obese and overweight children in Europe. The government  predicts that obesity will cost us £50bn (in 2007 prices) by 2050 in healthcare and lost work days. That's on top of the misery that obesity can bring to individuals and families.

Furthermore, every child should get a minimum of an hour's activity every day. The majority of UK kids do not get this much. Yet a 15-minute ride to school (or walk) and back again would account for half of this.... a bit of sport here, PE there, and some good old-fashioned play-time could fill in the rest. Not least because children who walk and cycle to school have been shown to be more active at other times.

Every child and young person should have access to the knowledge, skills and confidence to establish the habit of travel by bike and foot early in life.