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Park Smart

Park Smart - Week 1

The Park Smart Hands Up survey

At the beginning of Park Smart it is a good idea to find out about the current travel habits in your school. This means that you will be able to measure how successful your campaign has been at the end, and if you have persuaded anyone to change their mode of travel.

You can download the Hands Up survey form and your Junior Road Safety Officer's should visit each class to find out how they travel to school.  

With the younger classes this is best achieved by labelling each corner of the room 'walk', 'cycle or scoot', 'bus' and 'drive' then ask them to go and stand in the place that represents how they got to school that day. This saves people being counted twice!

The JRSO team should also speak at assembly and tell everyone about the campaign. They can use the assembly to launch competitions for the whole school to take part in - see week 2 for details on these, you can make up your own too and we would be delighted to hear about them.  

The JRSO's can also take the banner for a walk around the school and give a 5 minute introduction to pupils on the aims of the campaign.

The First Park Smart Traffic Count

 In week 1 the traffic outside school should be surveyed. Make a note using the Traffic Count form to count:

  • how many cars are parking at the gate?
  • how many are on the yellow zig-zags?
  • how many cars are double parked?

Keep a record of this for comparing to the count carried out in week 3.

The Parent Pledge

Parents are asked to pledge to walk / cycle or scoot to school. The pledge can be sent home in the schoolbags or by email. The pledge includes:

  • make walking to school their first choice
  • never parking on the zig-zags outside school
  • never double parking
  • always keeping the school zone clear
  • to park and stride - if you really have to drive then park 500m from the school and walk the rest of the way

Once the pledges have been returned, these should be collated and cut out to form a colourful display of footprints along your corridors.