Safer routes to School

Fewer children are walking to school today

Fewer children are walking to school today and this affects us all. There is more traffic congestion and pollution and our children are less healthy as a result.

The Council is encouraging more children to walk by making the routes safer on the way to and from school. The Council has introduced 20mph zones around schools, has appointed road safety officers to work with schools on travel plans and to encourage schools to teach road safety and cycling as well as promoting exercise. 

How you can help

Walk to school as much as you can - it's cheap and healthy!

If you live too far away from school and have to drive there then do consider parking a short distance from the school and walking the rest of the journey. This has an added benefit of cutting down the number of cars pulling up and dropping off outside the school making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Have a look at the school travel plans and park smart pages on for more information on making the roads safer for all around the school. You can also contact the School Travel team for more information.