Changes to the Highway Code

Highway Code
Highway Code

Changes to the Highway Code are came into effect on 29 January. These introduced a hierarchy of road users, to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

If you are a driver please make sure you’re aware of the changes.

The main points to note are:

  • cyclists have priority over cars when cars are turning
  • pedestrians have priority over cars at junctions
  • there are changes to cyclist positioning to ensure better visibility.

With the new hierarchy of road users, those who can do the most harm (those driving large vehicles) have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger they pose to other road users.

The hierarchy of road users is:

  1. Pedestrians
  2. Cyclists
  3. Horse riders
  4. Motorcyclists
  5. Cars/taxis
  6. Vans/minibuses
  7. Large passenger vehicles/heavy goods vehicles.

The Highway Code emphasises that pedestrians still have a responsibility to be aware and consider the safety of other road users.

Making roads safer for everyone will lead to more effective road use, and encourage more people to walk, wheel or cycle when they can.

You can read the Highway Code on the UK government website, or read the table of changes.