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About us

The 1988 Road Traffic Act places a statutory duty on local authorities to

  • promote road safety
  • undertake studies into road accidents
  • take steps both to reduce and prevent accidents.

The Road Safety team undertake the majoirity of the duties in order to deliver on this duty. They deliver a road safety education service and continually work to provide a safe local road network with other teams across the Council.

The City of Edinburgh Council developed a Road Safety Plan for Edinburgh to 2020 and is working in a partnership named Streets Ahead with

  • Police Scotland
  • NHS Lothian
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Transport Scotland
  • Amey
  • The Safety Camera Unit (East)

to encourage safer travel in our city for everyone.

At the core of the Council’s road safety plan is the vision that the Council and its partners will work towards Vision Zero and the provision of a modern road network where all users are safe from the risk of being killed or seriously injured.