Be Bright, Be Seen

Be Bright, Be Seen

Look out for each other: Cyclist wearing hi vis and with lights passing car with headlights on.

Over winter, we run our Be Bright Be Seen campaign urging all road users to take more care while out on the roads in the dark.

We’d love to see more of you keep up walking and cycling throughout winter as they’re easy, healthy and sustainable ways to get around. But please look out for each in the dark. If you are driving, cycling, walking or wheeling:

  • use lights (driving or cycling)
  • make sure you’re visible
  • give each other space
  • slow down.

Some tips for getting around in the dark

Walking or wheeling

  • make sure you can be seen - use reflective or bright accessories
  • use safe crossing points



  • look out for all road users
  • obey speed limits, take note of 20mph speed limits
  • give plenty of space to cyclists
  • make sure all your lights are working
  • clear windscreen and windows before starting your journey

Tips for motorcyclists from Road Safety Scotland.

Police Scotland’s winter road safety advice for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.