Drive safe, cycle safe, be bright, be seen

Be bright and be seen this winter

With cycling in Edinburgh increasing, the Drive Safe Cycle Safe campaigns have been designed to raise awareness of the issues experienced by those who cycle and those who drive on Edinburgh's road network.  

The Council wishes to promote cycling as an easy, healthy and sustainable way to travel around the city.

The Be Bright Be Seen campaign will run from 3 to 10 November. With the nights drawing in, we’re looking to encourage those who choose to cycle to wear brightly coloured clothes or to use high visibility items so they can be easily seen. Remember, at night your cycle must have front and rear lights - lit!

This campaign will also urge those who drive to check for cyclists before turning. Our statistics show that the majority of cyclist casualties are as a result of motorists crossing the path of an oncoming cyclist. Police Scotland will be engaging with motorists who do not give those who cycle time and space to do so

All those who drive should give those who chose to cycle at least as much room as they would another vehicle when passing them. Everyone should take extra care when turning at road junctions; we must look-out for each other.

This campaign will be complemented by personnel from Lothian Buses who can share their perspective as professional drivers upon the benefits of Be Bright Be Seen; a properly lit bicycle can be seen. High visibility items help and Lothian Buses personnel will be offering high visibility vests to those who wish them.

The University of Edinburgh personnel are also supporting the events and have a local perspective to give in such close proximity to their establishments.

Of course, pedestrians can also benefit from wearing brightly coloured clothes or using high visibility items so they can be easily seen and we can all help each other to be safe by doing things well – looking properly, without distractions such as mobile phones.