Pedestrian crossings

Each year The City of Edinburgh Council receives a far greater number of requests for pedestrian crossings than we can build. To manage these requests, we have developed a priority system to evaluate locations.

This system evaluates sites, considering factors such as

  • schools
  • parks
  • shops

for various crossing types including

  • a puffin crossing
  • a zebra crossing
  • a refuge island
  • pavement build-outs

A pedestrian crossing assessment determines the need and suitability of a pedestrian crossing improvement. If a low score is achieved, no crossing facilities may be recommended. Our pedestrian crossing improvement list is approved by the Transport and Environment on an annual basis.

View the most recently approved list of pedestrian crossing assessments.

Unless there have been significant changes to the network at a location, we will not assess a site that has been surveyed in the last three years.

If you would like an assessment carried out, please contact us. 

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