Park Smart

About Park Smart

1 in 5 cars on the road at 8.50am are on the school run. As a result, most Edinburgh schools have a massive traffic problem as parents drop their children as close to the gates as they possibly can, often breaching parking regulations in the process. This poses a danger not just to their own children but to other children and pedestrians as well.  

Cars are frequently parked on the yellow zig-zags, double parked and sometimes even on pavements! This causes an obstruction and makes it impossible to cross the road safely due to reduced visibility. There have been several incidents outside schools which is why we have put this project together to raise awareness of the road safety hazards.

Park Smart is a 3 week awareness raising and enforcement project, encouraging parents to think about their behaviour whilst actively promoting walking to school or park and stride.

Mixture of school children, teachers and lollipop man standing at the front of a school in two lines