School travel plans

The school travel plan committee

A committee should be developed within the school to prepare a School Travel Plan, to ensure all voices are heard. These usually include:  

  • Teacher and a pupil looking down and working at a desk


  • the Head Teacher
  • the teacher with responsibility for road safety in school
  • the Junior Road Safety Officers
  • members from the Pupil Council or Eco Group
  • your Road Safety and Active Travel Liasion Officer
  • your School Crossing Patrol Guide 
  • your community Police Officer
  • PTA or Parent Council members
  • any parents not on the PTA or Council but who would like to help!

When you first set out to write your travel plan several meetings will have to take place to get the group up and running and produce a draft plan, as the plan develops the number of meetings and those requiring to attend is likely to reduce.

Please contact us for more information on writing or updating your travel plan.

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